Stick vs. Sprites

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ALRIGHT!!! My first award. Thanks for all of the reviews!!!

This is a short movie about a Stick guy who gets attacked by sprites. This is my first (complete) sprite/stick animation so tell me what you think. I hope you enjoy it and remember to write a review.



hey not bad! Better than alot of others ive seen.

wow, look at that fag...

see that fag below the post below me, he's a fag. this guy did a great job, and should get the credit he deserves.

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Not bad but not great

If you think about it, this vid. is alot better than most of the other vids out there so cut this guy some slack

Don't you think?

It would be good if stickman was a brawl character.NOT Mr.Game & Watch.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Just to re-state what everyone else is saying- it was too short. Sorry, but I had to say it. Other than that one minor flaw, this flash was fantastic. The music is fast-paced and goes along perfectly with the action in the movie, and the 12-different-things-happening-at-once theme was great. (Even though it lasted 2 seconds.) The end wasn't particularly funny, and when he flattened the goomba, the jump was rather slow, and the goomba flattened too quick to tell what happened to it immeadiately. Other than those two things, this flash was nearly perfect for a fast-paced action.

Animation-9-a bit rough near the end.
Characters-10-Mario,Luigi,stick,goomb a,koopa,hammer bro. Classic.
Concept-9-not the most creative thing in the world, but you pulled it off nicely.
Overall-9-Nice work!

Keep it up!

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4.09 / 5.00

May 12, 2005
11:16 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place May 14, 2005