NAtickville Ep1 (pt 1)

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The duo is back in their very own series yup you heard right folks! Just two teens getting through the life of surburbia, sound boring right? What could possibly happen in the surburbs? Well with these two around it isn't complete Snoresville.

I put many hours of work into this 9 min and 35 sec piece so enjoy!

And I also enjoy reading reviews so keep em coming!

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hey, this has some potential

I watched this and the other movie you made with these characters, and your stuff is pretty good. The timing and editing is well done, and not everybody has a talent for that kind of thing, so nice work. The story flowed along in a coherent way. The voice acting is good, too. It would be nice if the recording quality was better, though. Also, you could use some more sound effects and possibly some music to fill in a few of the gaps between dialogue. But of course, the most important thing is that the jokes are actually funny, and you have some good stuff here in that respect. Although not every joke was laugh out loud funny, there were some good moments and interesting subtleties. I will say, though, that joke with the Kool-Aid man at the end has been done before on Family Guy. I'm not sure if that was intentional or if any of the other jokes were ripped from other places, but as far as I could see, it was pretty original and creative up to that point.

So, anyway, you have some talent and it's probably only going to get better from here. Your stuff will really be good once you get some more practice in and tighten up your animation. I'll be looking forward from what you'll be doing in the future.

Kalaloo-NB responds:

Thanks. We'll start recording with better equipment so the sounds will be better. I will be working on my flash animation when I have the time away from school and work and there will much more to come soon.

Great jooooooooooob!

Fan-fucking-tastic! MGS sound effects make everything better! And now that I know what Ethan sounds like I can surely take over the world. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA....actualy that wont help me at all. SON OF BITCH! Can't wait for part 2

Kalaloo-NB responds:

Lol! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

very interesting

some piano type music is always good to make the right feel for a movie... graphics/animating look decent. I can't believe a dog was shot in this... killed the animal. damn I really didn't understand what went on or why they fought each other for... but violence is always nice. good use of sound fx.

Kalaloo-NB responds:

Thanks. The dog was hunting down slaves. Tubman had to act or risk losing the guy. And adding some simple background music does liven things up just tad. Me and a friend plan to do that for episode two.


There were enough of those trickers that keep making it interesting, even though the graphics werent that awesome, they did their job and i laughed at many parts around this flash, you got 3 from me ;)

Kalaloo-NB responds:

Thank you! I will try to improve on graphics for you all though.

one question...

i saw your profile said you live in Georgia, but i was wondering if you knew that there was a town called Natick in massachusetts, which is where i live, i thought this would be based on it. anyway it was pretty good.

Kalaloo-NB responds:

Actually, Natick is the name of a town that I got off a show called Family Guy on that Y2K Doomsday Episode...now that I come to think about it I think Family Guy takes place in Quohog in a stae somewhere up north. Perhaps Massachusetts. I thought adding a'ville' at the end would make it sound more like a suburb. Who would have guessed it?

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May 12, 2005
7:43 AM EDT
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