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Retarded Animal Babies 13

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Fans of the Star Wars films will have their curiosity and panties piqued by this shiny installment. The Puppy and Cat don't see eye to eye as they endeavor to pretend they're in scenes from their favorite sci-fi blockbusters. Why? Puppy never saw the Original Trilogy, and Cat never saw the prequels! Join them on this confusing yet satisfyingly retarded romp through space, time, and very likely, a legal battle.

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great idea for play again option with no intro !

good story of your broken leg

It's a pity this series hasn't continued. I'd love to see how they react to the new Star Wars movies! This is one of Tom Fulp's favorite movies. Yeah, I'm a "Star Wars" fan. We're quite topical with movies. My favorite joke was when Puppy was confused about it coming out in 1977.

Well, we got more episodes later. Yeah, Wonder Woman is really good looking. For all the flak people give the prequels, it's interesting to see Puppy become a fan of them without seeing the original movies. I liked their own sound effects. And they say 13's an unlucky number!

lol right below episode xiii it said abandon all hope! XD