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Control: A Research Paper

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May 11, 2005 | 10:21 PM EDT

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Author Comments

I especially put this on NG to receive feed back on this and see if anyone had anything to add/argue about. If you want to see something for light entertainment do not watch this, for it is a research project. The topics include mind control, economic control and fluoride. Leave comments,
and I will hopefully respond to every one.



Rated 3 / 5 stars


^^Good Points^^
This was pretty interesting to read. You made up for a lot of the boring stuff by adding in some great drawings, like the city in the economy section, and still had some very interesting information in here. The graphics were set up very well, nice layout and very functional.

^^Needs Improving^^
Seeing that huge block of text really turned me off. You should split this into multiple frames just to get people to be more interested and less intimidated by such an amount of text.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


i eat all ur babies

urapbad responds:

well eating all my babies would seem to be impossible since i dont have any there for I win


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Very horrible.

Graphics were decent.

Some parts were too plain though.

urapbad responds:

Oh I mwas wondering why u said very horrible and gave me a 10!
lol u mean what's happening is very horrible, yeah what to do? what to do?

good and evil in this world, evils more interesting though.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Oh NOES flouride!!!!

really dont you think your time is betetr served backmasking old beatles records searching for that elusive the "devil wants your soul"(why do i get the feeling this is actualy micheal moore trying to get a fan base again ?) i think in yur next flash you should tell ppl the secret about how elivs actualy worked for area 51 and is covering up not only the autopsys but his own death.

urapbad responds:

Dude the devil wants my soul I swear! and last night aliens were staring through my window and they abducted my sister...

and u call yourself the Rampage_phyco, you should learn from the master~


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Conspiracy theorist obviously

We'll do this in sections:

Flouride: Flourine isn't actually in atomic bombs. Flourine is used to separate U235 from U238 by creating gaseous Uranium hexa-flouride after the centrifuge process. Potentially any of the gases on that column of the periodic table could be used to do this, flourine is just that which is easiest to obtain in a pure form. Hence, the flourine is key to the atom bomb is factually incorrect; which hurts your government control arguments. By the way, this is considered WAY out there politically because nearly all purposeful flouridation is kept within healthy limits.

Economics: This is what I have my degree in and your entire basis is wrong. Your introduction is largely based in mercantilist theory which has been not taken seriously in over 75 years and been replaced by Keynesian economics. All of the standard oil stuff has been fixed by Anti-trust law. You have very little evidence of Wal-Mart destroying supplier businesses. In terms of oil, terrorist organizations don't have direct access to oil funds. They would have to have money transferred to them

Suggestions: If you're actually interested in these topics rather than reading conspiracy theories about MK Ultra and John Birch stuff about flouridation, you should pick up a few other books. Primarily, I reccomend Michel Foucault's "Discipline and Punish" Also if you want to learn about the role of oil and middle eastern politics in a geopolitical sense I recommend "The Persian Puzzle" by Kenneth Pollack.

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urapbad responds:

First of all yes my spelling sucks and thank you for your replie I really enjoyed reading it, but...

Ok debate time

First of all I never stated that fluorine is in atomic bombs, I stated that tons of fluorine is used to make atomic bombs. Yes and I know that it's used in the processing of Uranium I just couldn't fit in everything because I was on a deadline for a school project and it didn't matter, the point I was making is that it was used to make atomic bombs. Plus fluorine may be the easiest to obtain but it is NOT used because of this. "Uranium hexafluoride is used in uranium processing because its unique properties make it very convenient. It can conveniently be used as a gas for processing, as a liquid for filling or emptying containers or equipment, and as a solid for storage, all at temperatures and pressures commonly used in industrial processes."

For your next arguement if you read my harms you can see how all these types of fluorides added up are much more than 2 ppm. Also the safe standard was set using sodium fluoride but now we use many varied fluorides including one that releases HF when heated.

I do admit my economic control was a little fussy, I did not want to put across the view that it was total Keynesian economics. Second of all Standard Oil and the Rockefellers "go with the flow", they take advantage to gaine more control if it is possible to do so with out being totally illegal. Yes rebates have been stopped but that doesn't mean that Rockefellers don't have lots of control, it's obvious they do. For Wal-Mart I said they eather destroyed or made businesses, read my sources on that. I don't think I was clear about the Oil section, it was not about terrorism but about big businesses like OPEC and America corporations.

Your last sentence was very hurtful, I am not a conspiracy theorist and most of my sources weren't eather. The book "The fluoride Deception" was though, and I did not agrea with the conclusion but it did have a lot of evidence. Second MK Ultra's evidence was news articles and wikipedia! I understand though if you didn't read through all of my project, just telling you.

Email me at
if you want a rebuttle,
Also if it's ok with you can I post this arguement on my project? I think people should hear both sides...