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This seemed fun at first but i couldn't get past level 1 whatsoever... i was clicking and pressing everything expecting another level but nope nothing. Wasn't and only given a useless password... i do see that there are other games of the same nature named the same thing, but they are just sequels. rather than another level of the first game.

I managed to appreciate this game! I was confused by how hard it was at first. I thought the whole game would just be one level. I am glad there was more to it. The only downsides was how the artwork wasn't that good. That's to be expected in something from 2000.

It's still pretty easy to understand. I was afraid those red squares would kill me. I'm glad it meant the end of the level! I can't seem to go onto the next level. WAS it just one level?

stonefruitstudios responds:

Hey, you can play all 5 levels here:

This is a wonderful piece of Newgrounds history. It showed people that games DID have potential on the internet, you just had to find someone who puts work into them. Being a huge fan of Zelda, I can guess this series was influenced by the original Zelda for the NES. The only problem I have is having to repeatedly press the arrow key in the direction I have to move. That's about it, though.


I have enjoyed all the trapped series, it was actually one of the first games I played on newgrounds. Still enjoy it. The zelda styled challening puzzle type adventures in minimalistic environments. I really like all the simple graphics, they suit the game well and somehow part of the games charm.

Basic graphics, Nice ideas. It was fairly simple but then again, its really just the first level and Ive playyed all the other ones and some are wicked hard. I still hope you release the next trapped game because the series is just sweet. 5/5 and 10/10

Fun game could be improved on though

This is actually a pretty fun game, even as old as it is, the {SCREEN} could be larger though that should be the first thing you change and or improve on, thats if you still make games, but anyways nice quality it shows you have put some work into it, so nice effort there, and great after effects klike the {AUDIO} voice and all, seems to work out well, just make it larger though as it will show more detail and it doesnt look so small and such, its just an idea but will allow for more creation on your end of things and make an overall game here, it was a pretty nifty game, anyways nice job i had fun with it.

Make the {SCREEN} larger, this will also allow for more detail and bigger ship and stuff

Fun game abit on the small size but still fun i thought.


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3.21 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2000
8:18 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other