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level 2 doesn't load

And the game was not challenging at all... Disappointment

there is a glitch

It wont let you go to lvl 2

Nice and bad.

I think this was good but was way to easy. That really should of been the first lvl or floor and I see it was but there was a glitch of something in the game that didnt allow you to go the nextl lvl. When I played the second game i didnt find anything that took the code so there is a glitch in the game. It really didnt provide much of a challenge because its the first in the series and #s 4 and 5 made this look like you find a key in the room you start in and open the door and you win. The graphics were good but the puzzles sucked compared to 4 and 5. The wall illusion was a give away and that was really the only puzzle in the game if you could call it a puzzle and the rest of the stuff was just finding rooms and keys and that was it. I give it a five overall and would of gave it higher if it wasnt for the glitch to lvl two and the lack of puzzle and thinking required in the game but i gave it a five because it was in the format that i liked. I am also writing reviews for the others and you should consider reading them as i had written a review for #5 already and reading my review you would probably think differnt ly about the next trapped game. Thank you for your consiseration.


Dude there's someting missing

or is it part of the puzzle to find the clicky for level 2?
Brings back chip's challenge memories...


Yea...one can not help but ask WHERE THE FUCK IS LVL TWO?!

(10 for Overall cause it was fun while it lasted...)

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3.40 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2000
8:18 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other