the last cheeto ep1

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I did this animation a year ago. Yeah it's all about a battle over the last cheeto. reviews welcomed !
I'm almost done with episode 2, it'll be done in a couple of days. enjoy !



It was fun to watch.I love all your work 0_0 marry me... (j/k)

It was cool when they jumped at each other

But I didn't like it too much. Other stick movies are better.
I can't believe that you're the same guy who made Bleed: Vampire Awakening! That was a billion times better.


Good work with the matrix type scene. Very well done. I have to say it's like all the other stick movies out there, with the senceless violence, but it had a plot so it made it better.


Yes, qwertyioupasd, cheetos are kosher, cause they're not made with pigs. Or shellfish. Of course, I don't know if a rabbi is always present to watch over the making of the cheetos, but, I still think they're ok.
The animation was awesome. I almost had the SAME THING happen a couple weeks ago with me and my friends. Of course, we all were out of school at that point, and had real money, and could by more of our own cheetos.

ahh the coveted last artice of food.

although not copnventional (nor kosher [i think]) to use cheetos. very pretty good stick animation, but i don't understand why you make the next guy with shoes and crap. does that mean the first two were naked? o.O. probably not. anyway, good 3-d scene, nice fighting, great voice acting and gags.
p.s. does anyone know if cheetos are kosher?

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3.44 / 5.00

May 10, 2005
6:45 PM EDT
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