Seaports of the World

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This is my second game within 3 Weeks!
Your job in SEAPORTS OF THE WORLD, is to lay up your mega-tanker in one of 40 harbors around the world and earn as much money as possible.

At all, there are 1071 Levels !!!

Some of you guys will remember this game
from their good ol' AMIGA and DOS times:
Ports of call.

Do not forget to check the TRAINING SEA
menu point in the game, before you start your career!


easily manuevered

it would be cool to be able to spend money on level ups


Pretty cool game

Different and Fun

I played a few levels and enjoyed them, although the first one I played seemed to end with the crash message even though the ship did not seem to be touching anything. I could be mistaken, but that might have been a bug. Also, you might want to check your dollar amount code; there were a lot of decimal places in at least one of those dollar amounts.

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I really enjoyed this game for a couple reasons

1. Life like physical movements to recreate the situation of piloting a sea vessel
2. Random selection of country, goods, weather, and load
3. Making a tutorial really saved alot of time rather than trying to figure out the controls and mechanics myself.

But some things that took away from the overall affect of the game are-

1. Wanting to do more and be more involved with the trade and selection. (I know it isnt fair to say this because this is a piloting game, not a trade/rpg, but it would be a fun installment if you choose to go further with this game)
2. Small, basic, and condensed areas made the levels short; it also didnt give alot of chance to test out the full potential of the vessel
3. No objectives. It shows your total amount of wealth collected, but it doesnt really matter or add to anything; It was too repetative to play a level, then another, and another etc...

I say that the pros are greater than the cons in most aspects, but there are so many ideas that can be employed to make this game ground-breaking. I say that now that you have your physics engine down, you should explore new and innovative ideas to make your game even better.

Ideas for improvement

1. Make objectives to give the player incentive to play, (maybe like buying ports and becoming a seaway tycoon, lol)
2. Maybe make a trade system (if you want, I know that trade isnt really the point of the game)
3. Make more interesting and larger maps for players to test thier knowledge and skill of the mechanics of controlling a sea vessel.

I really enjoyed playing your game and I think you can make something spectacular if you really wanted to.

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as well as difficult to do. nice job.

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3.65 / 5.00

May 10, 2005
5:34 PM EDT
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