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breakit 2

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Break thie bricks! Collect the points! M A D N E S S !
!! There is a bug on stage 10 that prevents you from playing further. You can play the fixed up version on my website!



another good game
even if you dont like breakit!

Oh yeah...

Ok... I'll admit it... the bug on level ten is a pain in the ass... But you know something? For a free, yes FREE, game of this quality I'll happily be stuck doing hte same 10 levels. I mean, damn.

Break-Out-Style games are a dime a dozen. Ones that that put a new spin on it are kinda rare... But one that not only puts a spin on the old genre, but also makes it WORK, are downright fucking scarce. This is one of those incredibly, ultr-rare games.

Finally, a version where the physics aren't based solely on the ball's movement and where it strikes the paddle. Hell if you're quick, or just plain spastic like me, you can double tap that little bastard and totally screw up the trajectory.

Top hole amusement, wot wot! 'Nuff said.

awsome game

yeah it was good, but at the 2nd level i'm stuck between 2 of the grey blocks, the ball keeps goin up and down. its doing it as i write this review :)

fun but lag?

I got to stage 4 first try everytime I would lose a life is because the game would lag? I have dsl it shouldnt lag? anyways great fun addictive game!

very fun

I never get tired of playing

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3.89 / 5.00

May 10, 2005
8:00 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other