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breakit 2

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Break thie bricks! Collect the points! M A D N E S S !
!! There is a bug on stage 10 that prevents you from playing further. You can play the fixed up version on my website!


Nice one

I love it. You should make it to where you can break the last blocks on level 10, show game over or make a new level. :)
(I'll be playing this in class.)
nice, very nice

Nothing that new and great

This has been done so many times. All it is is a copy of someone elses idea. There have been so many games based on this its no good anymore.

it's good

well it was

cool game...

i liked the paddle with the space in the middle, never seen that before!

i also had the glitch with the bullets carrying over. Not that that is a bad thing...made the level that much easier....also liked the random dropping things when you weren't winning fast enough....great ideas!

Decent Breakout clone

I did notice a bug: at the end of one level, don't remember the number, I had the gun when the last block was destroyed, and I had a number of shots in the air when the level ended. As the next level (the one with a skull and crossbones), my shots were there at the beginning of the level, and they destroyed a bunch of blocks early on. I assume that's a glitch; wasn't sure if anyone else had caught it. Keep making games!

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3.89 / 5.00

May 10, 2005
8:00 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other