breakit 2

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Break thie bricks! Collect the points! M A D N E S S !
!! There is a bug on stage 10 that prevents you from playing further. You can play the fixed up version on my website!


Nice game

Very good game. You couldve made some money off of it, though the sound is prolly not original, so maybe not.

Anyway, put together very solid, and cool new gameplay.

only one thing I saw, and Im picky bout this stuff, the deflection from the paddle wasnt dramatic enough. but thats just me.

Very nice work

Pretty Good!

Thats was pretty good... i saw that new one you made but on lvl 11 it had a glitch!!! oh well... i give it a 4

Very nice

Good game. Plenty of control, didn't get TOO hard, but letting people change quality would be good. Plus on level 10, there's two bugged bricks that can't be destroyed, two of the top ones on the left side...might wanna look into that.

game is broke for me at lvl 10, needs alot of work

I like how the padle tilts wen you move it, makes for very good controle of the ball. Two red blocks on lvl 10 are ghosts and cant be broken. Could use nice backgrounds and maybe alitle more to the blocks, and also geting the mouse to lock in somehow or useing derection keys would be a big plus

Good but there is a bug!

i was getting addicted but on level 10 there the 2 blocks at the top u cant get
i tried with the mouse lazer and everything!!
plz fix this bug! Any ways it wuz great!!


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3.89 / 5.00

May 10, 2005
8:00 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other