breakit 2

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Break thie bricks! Collect the points! M A D N E S S !
!! There is a bug on stage 10 that prevents you from playing further. You can play the fixed up version on my website!


A most excellent game.

It's good fun, however, there was a "bugged" block in the 6th level. It is a red block that is on the very top row, in the column just to the right of the left set of unbreakable blocks. The balls/shots pass directly through the block, and thusly one cannot pass on to level 7. Otherwise, a great game.

Nothing new

Well, I was hoping for something new, something that would be different in the gameplay. It's a good game, but there is too much of this type..

But you have a lot of talent...

Very nice little game

I like this game. Great work. There is a bug on level 6 where I can't get past it. The uppermost left red brick cannot be broken or shot so I'm stuck.

basically the same thing

it was jus the same thing as the first time, not a huge update anyways, but hey, its still a good job, cant wait to see your next game

Better then the original Arkanoid!

Yes it's true, it is better then the original Arkanoid game, I love the rotating platform. It's almost like playing tennis! The only thing to add is a nice level editor with code generator, or a random level generator!

Great game, Best Arkanoid remake, 10/10
Reviewed by [ Altera ]

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3.89 / 5.00

May 10, 2005
8:00 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other