Stop Crying - Part 1

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Response 2:

I) There are only 2 reasons for me to make this movie. One, to express my feeling to my brother, that I didn't do during his lifetime. Two, I want to thank my good friends (seen in the support team in credit page) who had helped me through many difficulties. In other words, I'm not mourning for my loss, not looking for sympathy. I'm a positive person, who just want to tell others that I saw good side of a life, even though there are also many unpleasant thing happens during our process of life.
2) Part 1 is meant to be an introduction. The parents you've seen in the movie is there as an bridge to bring out Jai. After this part, they will rarely appear in the future episode. I feel bad because I didn't plan my work well enough and gave many people a wrong idea that the movie is going to be one that talks about abusive parents, social problems or so. No, this is not. This is only a story about my brother's life, but it is unavoidable to have these issues attached to the story because those were part of my brother's life (and my life as well).

For those who has been very supportive, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Please forgive me if I can't reply your email.

Due to limited space here, I have to delete part of the previous comments here. (May 12)

Response 1:

Thank you for giving me your sincere comments/critiques/sugge
stion (here in newground or in my mailbox). I didn't expect to get this big responses from the viewers, but I do read all of your reviews and emails. I just feel sorry I can't reply to each one individually.
But I guess I didn't express myself very well in the first author's comment or in the story. I just want to tell, the hardest time has passed and I'm in good shape again like I used to be. Thank you all for caring about my situation.

To respond to some questions: 1) Jai had an accident when he was 17, but he survived that accident. Sorry the dream seems to confuse some viewers. You will know more when you see the future episodes. 2) Mother is in gray shadow in the scene with me, but in full color with Jai. It is my way to express my relationship with her. Not because I'm lazy to give her color. 3) For those repeated frames, I thank you all for bringing out the points. I didn't notice it would annoy my viewers. I didn't mean to do this, but I guess somehow I'm a slow person and not sensitive enough to feel the annoyance. I have no intention to be lazy and reuse those frames for saving time or work. But this is a good comment that I'll surely pay more attention in doing my future work. 4) As for the subtitles not catching up with the voices, I'll try to fix it though I have no idea how to at this moment. Thank you all!
Xiao Sha (May 10)
This movie is dedicated to Jai, my brother who died this Jan, at the age of 27. Jai had a happy childhood until a tragic accident that turned his life up side down when he was 17. This movie is like his biography, about his life before and after the accident...

After a 6-week hiatus since Jai's funeral, I finally decided to install the program, started my first chapter in Flash, tried this project that seemed quite impossible at the beginning. Thank you all who have been giving me all kinds of supports, ... cheers, food, money, jokes .... and a special thank to those who encouraged me to do this project, taught me Flash, and introduced Newgrounds to me!

thanks! ... xiaosha

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great movie. i lost both my grandmothers over a period of many years so trust me when i say i know what you went through. it's difficult but i know he is in heaven. be joyful and glad. you have much to live for.

i love this

this is sad and makes me remember when i lost my brother

personally my favorite thing on newgrounds

hadnt watched this in a couple of years but still remember the first time i did
i know it might not make much sense but this has helped me deal with the loss of my brother
so, uhm, thankyou


its so sad im crying right now! and i feel sorry for your loss.

I don't know...

I don't know what to say. Honestly, nothing I can think of would justify this. So, here goes a pathetic attempt. You're animation is well done, well thought out, and sends your point across effectivly. It really does set up any further work you decide to do. As for the topic... I won't get into it. Suffice it to say, I've got my own scars. Anyways, top notch.

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