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AURORA - episode 6

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The long wait is because I've been very busy, so don't get your hopes up thinking that I've spent all these months just making the flash badass.

I did voice acting for this one, but the filesize was 5mg, which is very large, and plus I didn't have enough voice actors (hint hint, jiyasa@hotmail.com), so I submitted the text version.

Episode 6.
"Zen Nagashima seeks revenge on Darunji,inc. because they murdered his family. But they also want him...why?"

http://nazworkshop.vze.com showcases my flash animations. It has tips on flash, anime, martial arts, dancing (mj style) and more.

http://nazjkd.tk is my forum on martial arts, fitness, strength training, flash etc."

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Excellent Series... JKD in flash....

....I really appreciate what u have tried to accomplish in the series, - being a self taught pupil of JKD. The reason I chose JKD is because of the philosopy & scientific nature of it, yet it has spirit & flow. I feel you tried to capture that in nagashima & Jyhasa. maybe you should make one of the episodes a fight scene with a little more detail.. you've got the skills... to do an excellent grafics focused fight scene... just a bit more effort ( Which i - myself lack).
Have you thought about building in some of bruce lee's concepts of buddhist philosphy in JKD...? Maybe nagashima could .... attain martial arts enlightenment.... be the water that fills the container.

Anyway Im sure whatever you do with the series it will be excellent - I just cant wait!!

Great Job

THis is 100% better than the first in the series, watching them all in a row is kinda boring, I think if you cut it down to just 2 Episodes of higher quality flash it would be awesome. This is like Final Fantasy and the Matrix all in one, and it's self paced so you can slow it down to a crawl if you want to waste some time.


Another good flash.You need to get people together though for some voices.And btw whatever happened to motion captures?There are actually better ways to do it if you have a clear fast webcam.

good, but these guys have horrible beards

I think this is a great series and you have a very keen sense of animating. there are just afew minor things that take away from your charaters and story. A. its way to much like a cookie cutter anime, do more origanl twits and turns. B. the handle bar moustache, and that one that is very thin and rides up the jaw bone are fashion don'ts. any model or men's fashion expert that isnt still stuck in the bad 90's gotee*( i suck at spelling) will tell you that either you look like white trash, or you are a dot commer who carries around his laptop, wears gym shoes all the time, and those bad nike backpacks w/ only 1 strap and it looks all sleek. plz just have your characters decide to shave or grow there beards out. if that then makes them all look the same, then you have a bad sense of human form and should redraw the charcaters faces to make them more unique, and for god's sake give your main characters jins! not every one has a pointy chin like a god damn lil girl!

naz-1 responds:


I loved it

This is one of my favorite series on Newgrounds. The animation is fluid, the story is great, I like most of the characters and the fight scenes are stylish without all the slow-mo, wire-fu bullshit. However, I do have some suggestions:

1. It seems a little too still sometimes. Like, when people are talking, nobody really moves or anything and nothing ever happens in the backround.

2. The thing I like about these movies are that they are sort of like comics. I think that maybe you could have like, a comic book style. Things like the font, text balloons, thought bubbles etc... I just think that would be cool.

3. One of the best part of black and white movies and comics is the lighting. You could add a little bit more shadows and lighting. That would make the flash even better.

Keep up the good work.

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May 8, 2005
11:07 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place May 10, 2005