MGS3: Boss Failures

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6-29-05: Boss Failures finally got into the collections pages. The new collections system Tom set up is working great!

5-9-05: Front page?! Awesome! Thanks, Newgrounds!

Finally. it's done! I started this back in March and I'm finally done! YAY! Anyway, sorry about the filesize. I had to even remove some features and pop down the audio quality to get it under 5mb.

If you're unfamiliar with Metal Gear Solid 3, the game is based around Naked Snake who confronts some oddly named bosses such as The Fury and The Pain. These are the Metal Gear Solid 3 boss tryout failures. Enjoy and leave a review!

Easter Egg Hint: Press the arrow keys during the preloader!


dude that was just stupid.

This whole dang thing is just stupid. If you find it to be funny your just stupid and the audio continously cut out or was that apart of your master plan, but i was really just stupid.

Decent but

Michael Moore deserves no thanks

KupaMan responds:

It's too bad, queer-boy retard, that you totally miss-read that. Look at it again you fag-sucker.

The Bad Humor

Congrats, you won The bad Humor.
The box eating was ok, and same with the Snake Swalloer, but it wasn't even laugh to yourself funny it was like: "Hah??"

good voice acting,lol

and if this was real life,that camera man would be fired,lol

KupaMan responds:

I don't understand. I got a 9 in violence (of which there was none of) and a 0 in humor and in Overall? Considering you gave my graphics, sound, interactivity 8's and style a 6, couldn't I at least get something for Overall?

I think you stole my idea.

You son-of-a-bitch. Check out schnoznier . tk and then look up the rants page.

KupaMan responds:

Sounds to me like you're plugging a sight. Nice space between the name and the TK. Unfortunately, my dear faggot, I've never even heard of that site. Go fuck yourself.

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May 8, 2005
5:53 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody