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Sonic Epoch ep. 2

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Episode 2 "The Collection"

This episode is a collection of short cartoons made by Brick_Toppp and Fat_Badger.

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I never knew the McChicken video came here. Who is the artist of the What a Feeling remix?

I swear this series I come back to everytime. Lmao

had no idea sonic fucks a Burger was from here.


FatBadger responds:

We got good ideas

From Title screen, already pretty promising.
For a two man team in the good old days, this is impressive.
Gotta admit having the episode split in various parts makes it a lot more promising, specially with this fancy menu.
Part 1 - Ep. 2 : Iiit's pretty good so faaaah god Sonic is fucking a burger with gray beef.
Noticed it now, it's more like Sonic Shorts but NSFW and uses a menu for them.
Still, moving on to the next part.
Part 2 - Ep. 2 : Yeah it's pretty gooo...well yeah good except for Rouge dieng there. I like how long this one is.
Just noticed, previous plot of last episode has been thrown off the window.
Part 3 - Ep. 2 : you wot mate
Part 4 - Ep. 2 : Oh god it's one of these endless loops!
Like last one, it seems a little lazy, but still a nice concept.
Being that nowdays it's overused i guess this was still new so i'l give you an extra half star for that.
Part 5 - Ep. 2 : What the heck? I just don't get it.
PS: Oh wait i tought it said MILKY WAY, not MILKY MONEY
Sorry now i get it.
Part 6 - Ep. 2 : Another of those bathroom ones. Still it's not so bad.
Part 7 - Ep. 2 : spider that is a ring

mother fucking awesome you are awesome f.d !!!