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5-7-05: *Update* Due to several complaints, the sounds' volumes have been increased by 300%.

5-7-05: *Update* A Stop Sounds button and two more quotes have been added.

It's not really a game like it says it is, just an interactive movie. In Halo 1, there's a creature known as an Elite, as alot of you should know, who speaks backwards. Here are a few translations of what the Elite says. A few I don't know what they say, but here's what I DO know:

1. Kill that thing.
2. First one: It's me - Second: Roadkill(Thnx, Krulin)
3. Look out
4. Grab 'Em All! (Thnx fae_daemon)
5. Go go go. (I thought wort was a war cry, too.)
6. Don't even try, soldier.
7. Demon! (Guess they said it BEFORE Halo 2, too)

If one of the people I creditted gave me the wrong quote of the Elite, please tell me. I'll give you credit for finding out what he says.

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he dose not say dammit he says don't even try demon i shot a elite in the head and he said it backwards so i reversed the video and he said do not even try demon

So when i shoot a grunt in his head, he says DAMMIT! ?

grunt: AHH!!! bagel!!!!!

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahha hahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah hh

lol #3

sounds like "BAGEL!"


Before i saw this i have always wondered what they said. yo me it was all jibberish. Thanks dude!

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