My Year with the Dragon

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The Dragon Does!


Dude... Marc M... you have surpassed it all!

While I can't say this is my fave flash of yours HANDS DOWN... because the greatness of Sprankton and the two Cements and even Knock Knock makes that impossible for me to do... this is DEFINITELY the greatest of your "song" flashes. By that, I mean that you have created a flash based primarily a song... that has surpassed the previous examples of this (such as Too Young To Die and How Many Times Mr. Bush?... both of which are great, especially the former... but can't hold a candle to this one).

My Year with the Dragon, and its accompanying song, "The Dragon Does," are simply outstanding. And it saddens me that so many reviewers reacted angrily to this being on the frontpage back when it was first placed there by Tom Fulp (who has the right to put whatever the hell he wants on the frontpage of his own damned site, but some people are too thick to get that). However, I quickly solved my sadness by review-banning many of those assholes, so... I was able to cope. Thanks, Marc M!

That's beyond the point, though. In terms of visuals, you returned to a simple sort of paperbag slideshow/The Last Two Men on Earth animation style. I sometimes long more for the colourful look of Last Two Men on Earth or Band on the Run, but it seems like your most recent flashes have been a nice balance between the two types, and that's cool.

SOUNDwise, however, this is where the flash shines. The music and the vocals are excellent, but the dialogue before and afterwards is grand as well. The song is catchy as hell, and my girlfriend and I were singing it to each other out of nowhere for the first few days after you submitted this. I've pretty much got the lyrics mastered (I handle the "verses" and my gf does the chorus/refrain/whateveryouwanttocallthe"dragondoes"part.... it's beautiful, man. I wish you could hear it. (sniff) :::wipes away tear:::

Oh, and she made a livejournal icon out of the dragon winking at the end. You rock our world, Marc M. You rock it good and tight and sloppy wet. Unnnnnfh... yes... I'm done.


Wow, very very VERY unexpected, I even expected some ancient chinese proverb or something, but no! It's a dragon's big fat slimey dick, why didn't I see it? The signs were all there... XD. Lovely animation, man.

That was l337 :|

That was the funniest shit ive ever seen :D

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Hilarious, a masterpeice by a man who knows comedy

This animation had a really catchy tune, topped off by hilarious animations and stupid voices. allthough not much time went into the actual drawing, the dragon was perfectly suited.

I laughed by B-hole off

This is by far one of the catchiest, funniest songs i've ever heard. And why is everyone bashing this as being gay? I'm pretty sure they're singing about a dragon's penis, not a human's.

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4.43 / 5.00

May 6, 2005
5:38 PM EDT
Comedy - Original