Dragonfire: The Lost Soul

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Latest: I am having some problems sorting out the distance error but it should be sorted soon.
In the game the user battles demons and gains experience points. These give the user new weapons and armour to fight with and new abilities like running. Health packs are laid around each level and boost the user's health points up. The game detects how much damage an enemy has done on you and when you kill an enemy it's damage on you decreases the amount of experience points you earn. Please vote this good to keep it in so I can build on my idea. Thanks people



good concept-bad execution. add a way to tell if youre moving, like GRAPHICS FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, and a way 2 tell if people r close enough 2 attk.

It's a good idea...

I had a hard time telling when I was getting attacked and from where/who because they dont have anything showing them slashing or anything, that and I can't tell how far you can hit them.
If you could animate them attacking and maybe have a way to tell
what the attack ranges are like(maybe a red circle under bad and green under you), it'd make the game alittle easier to play. That and make the graphics look better(blood not required :) ), it'd could be a really good game.

Scross responds:

cool idea

The game needs work

I applaud the idea and time put into this game, but it could use more work. The graphics could be improved along with the sound. When you kill a monster the sound is rather repetitive "bleh" 'bleh". You could use more options in the game. Along with that I also found the distance between you and a monster is deceiving. It appears you aren't close enough to kill him, little do you know your life is flying down.

I imagine with more time and effort put into it, it could turn to a rather decent game.

Scross responds:

thanks for your compliments and advice

"It's quite realistic"

Now in 3D!! The best graphics ever!! A must have for any gamer young and old!!! Buy it today for only 12,000 easy payments of $9.95!!!!

Scross responds:

don't you like 3D or something? 3D makes stuff some so much more realistic so it makes users feel like they are more in the game.

I think it sux...

Its got style, but this version sux, get it more realistic. If it had graphics and interactivity of somethin like diablo II, that would rule, and ill help ya, but you need to get it better...

Scross responds:

thanks I am currently working on gameplay and problems like the distance thing but I will get to graphics. Thanks

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May 6, 2005
2:13 PM EDT
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