Spaced Out! (Pilot)

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This is the pilot episode of Spaced Out, a soon-to-be long-running series. This is also my first real Flash.

In this episode, Captain Leader (a space captain), Stan (a freaky anthropomorphic cat), and Robo-Bob (a robot who likes to hit people) get pulled over and contemplate unregistered license plates.

EDIT: Wow, cool! Front page! Thanks everybody! And not even two hours after I uploaded this!


good one

that was an awesome animation, near perfect for a first animation too. i really enjoyed this animation.
great job, i hope to see more flash work from you.

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grim-studios responds:

Thanks! :)


I really love how this looks really professional, especially the intro! The music/sound effects are great. I don't really understand the story and there was a lot of excessive punching.

For your "first real flash" this is outstanding. & well done on front page and popularity of this =)

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grim-studios responds:

The "story" was meeting the characters, and tahnks for the comments!

A promising start

This looks pretty good. Can't wait for futher instalments. I like Robo-Bob. Few words of advice. Make it a little longer and add a female character. And maybe a crazy pet or something. Also, give the characters a bit more context. I mean, what was that cat guy about? He was just there to take hits. Develop you characters. But, overall, pretty good. Keep it up!

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grim-studios responds:

Well, so far, the next episode (if it had commercials) would be as long as a normal half-hour TV show, and the characters are way more fleshed out (especially Stan). Thanks for the suggestions! :)


cant wait!

grim-studios responds:

Neither can I.

more more!!!

omg omg that was the funniest thing i've ever seen especially the last part of robot-bob saying.' then i shall make it harder.' and also the part where the cops were mad cos' they were called fat. rofl. it was sooo funny. totally worth watching. and the bikini inspector thingy. are there really such things lol. make more of this man. i'll be a real fan of it.

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grim-studios responds:

Thanks! :)

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May 6, 2005
12:19 PM EDT
Comedy - Original