Zalad Fingerz 4

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This is the 4th Installment of Zalad Fingerz. It was intended to be longer but File size was being a bitch. If I was to put your pic in this and didnt you Will be in Zalad Fingerz 5. This is definately the best one and its shooting scene kicks ass. Ironically I am a fan of David Firth and he has put me on his fan art page. His work is so offensive and I admire it and the best part of it is that he doesnt give a shit what you think.


It Wasnt All Bad...

Please...No More...I Like The First 3...This one is rather queer..Im Sure You could of came up with something better dobica...The 5 Zalad Fingerz Episode wasnt Zalad Fingerz at all...You Could of Really Just Put Zalad Fingerz in 4 and make it longer and more ensentive..But...Your Stupid :P

Hmmm, once again another Zalad Fingerz...

Well well well I see you're still making parodies, these are getting better though; *The sound was much better
*The graphics were better (except for those Team Newgrounds Characters, what the duce was that?)
*Humour has gotten alot better now but, the graphics still were not-so-good. Once the movie is complete, you should go over the movie and fix-up and choppy graphics that exist, by doing so, the ratings would go up and who knows, Zalad Fingerz 5 might even be on the front page?


Dobica responds:

Yeah I actually met Tom in Peron a few days ago and he knows 5 will be out soon and he is looking forward to it. I will problably have Zalad 5 out on the 23rd. I Worked my ass off on it so it better get a good score. Its like 3x better and longer then this shitty one.


its gay but thats whot macks it funny sowe what if thay mack fun of salad fingers


I shoulda known Zalad did something like this in his spare time...
the only thing I'd change would be his pose at the begining, but other than that good job ^-^


Even though it was stolen I could get use to a funny salad fingers instead of a creepy one.

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May 5, 2005
11:37 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody