Zalad Fingerz 4

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This is the 4th Installment of Zalad Fingerz. It was intended to be longer but File size was being a bitch. If I was to put your pic in this and didnt you Will be in Zalad Fingerz 5. This is definately the best one and its shooting scene kicks ass. Ironically I am a fan of David Firth and he has put me on his fan art page. His work is so offensive and I admire it and the best part of it is that he doesnt give a shit what you think.


absolutely worst in the series..

however, it isn't surprising considering that after the first one (which was amazingly funny), the quality dropped lower and lower with each new zalad fingers. i laughed pretty hard the first time, but i guess it was too much of a tough act to follow.

if i knew i couldnt make anything to live up to the first, i would have given up and gone a whole different direction too, i guess. you chose to make them less funny as you made more. pity.

zalad fingers 1: the only funny one in the series. dont waste your time after that.

Dobica responds:

5 will beat the living fuck out of 1


ok man now lemme try this in a nicer way than the rest of my reviews on the zalad fingerz series: ok, what the fuck is up with all this damn "zalad fingerz" shit?u r a good animator, but make sometyhing better that this!1!!!

Dobica responds:

alright make a flash animation half this good and ill get back to you


Pretty creepy but i loce salad fingers so i cant did this


This one is definitely as good as the first one, if not better! This series is getting to be a big hit.

"Hey could you lend us a room? Me and my bitch need to fuck."
"Why don't you just buy your own room?"
"Because bullets are cheaper!"

That was my favorite dialect in this particular episode.

Great job, keep up the excellent work!

Dobica responds:

Yes this series is teh Roxers


I LOVE J000!!!!!!! HAVE MY LOVE CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dobica responds:

oooohhhhh shove it deep inside of me

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2.63 / 5.00

May 5, 2005
11:37 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody