Zalad Fingerz 4

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This is the 4th Installment of Zalad Fingerz. It was intended to be longer but File size was being a bitch. If I was to put your pic in this and didnt you Will be in Zalad Fingerz 5. This is definately the best one and its shooting scene kicks ass. Ironically I am a fan of David Firth and he has put me on his fan art page. His work is so offensive and I admire it and the best part of it is that he doesnt give a shit what you think.



Why does salad fingers take it up the ass for money why not work at mcdonalds or get a real job!

anyways that was different too different for my liking It made me laught though

Love the cock?

You must really love the cock....

Kind Of Liked It

Umm thought it was a little short,when hes screwing him you can see his dick on the other side lol.Think you should add more animation but this wasn't funny as the "go get the fish in the oven" one,man that one was hilarious.

Good effort tho.


That was excelent. Perfect balance of sex and violence.

Whoop more Zalad fingerZ!

Hmmm, once again another Zalad Fingerz...

Well well well I see you're still making parodies, these are getting better though; *The sound was much better
*The graphics were better (except for those Team Newgrounds Characters, what the duce was that?)
*Humour has gotten alot better now but, the graphics still were not-so-good. Once the movie is complete, you should go over the movie and fix-up and choppy graphics that exist, by doing so, the ratings would go up and who knows, Zalad Fingerz 5 might even be on the front page?


Dobica responds:

Yeah I actually met Tom in Peron a few days ago and he knows 5 will be out soon and he is looking forward to it. I will problably have Zalad 5 out on the 23rd. I Worked my ass off on it so it better get a good score. Its like 3x better and longer then this shitty one.

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2.63 / 5.00

May 5, 2005
11:37 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody