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Toko - Part 1

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This is an animation about this one stick man searching for his enemy called Toko. This animation doesn't have much of an explanation it's just mainly fighting. If you don't like that, then press the red cross in the top right corner of the screen please.

There is the ability to scroll through the animation frame by frame with the buttons at the top. Thanks to smosh for the weapons and the car!


great :)

the animation was fluid, and the fighting was entertaining, so basically you delivered it pretty good, are you planning on making any other ones? or have you already ?

Cool thing

Its a long time ago, i have seen such nice stick stuff...
And the music an the end... .. IS AWSOME!!!

ramsy66 responds:

Thanks alot dude =D

God in heaven.....

I was about to consider giving this a 1.... but then I heard the awful music you used for the credits. SO GODDAMN OVERUSED! As a matter of a fact, the whole stick genre itself has been ass-raped to the point where all new animations are gay. From what I see, you offer no new or interesting spin on stick animation to pump life into the dying (wait, make that DEAD) institution.

Learn to draw, for cripes sake. And adding a little detail to the tweens wouldn't take very long or demand perfect artistic ability, and it would actually make your animation DECENT.

Oh and the music sucks.

ramsy66 responds:

Erm.... What tweens? It was all f-b-f apart from the fading in and out... N00b


That song Zwitter that you used in the begining where he kills those ten dudes that son is about transvestites i swear to god if you translate the songs lyrics to english its about a transvestite but still good job

ramsy66 responds:

Yeah, I started making this as a plain fight 4 as you can probably tell :p Back then I was into Rammstein but now I think they're crap. But hey, the music fit lol ^_^

Not bad, yet a bit short...

Pretty good, I kinda liked it. The arms of stickmen were too short, but maybe thats just your style, anyways i liked the animation, one of the first men breaking in half was cool, I liked it, the fighting moves were good.
All in all it was a good movie...
Keep up the good work!!

ramsy66 responds:

Yeah, I had to cut it a bit short because flash started playing up and started taking about 10 mins literally to publish the file. And yeah, the sticks were redrawn every frame they moved apart from their heads so I did sometimes draw them a bit off.

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3.20 / 5.00

May 5, 2005
1:56 PM EDT
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