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Public Service Condom

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THIS CARTOON DOES NOT PROMOTE ABSTINENCE! It promotes sending the human race into another dimension to be slaves for a condom-monster!
To those that liked it: Thanks!
To those that hate it: Your cutting barbs have made my balls contract ever so slightly! I hope you're happy now!



Short, sweet, and to the point :) I like having a condom tell me to be clean... I wish someone told my ex too...
A good way to kill 5 minutes...

Woohoo 8 of 10... 4/5

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meh, sorry, i didn't even see the whole thing

it's just that this whole idea is... well, technicaly it's stolen but u wouldn't understand but im gonna explain it to ya anywayz. there's a page called w w w . mundofred . c o m and it's about a condom that's allways singing about "u have to use your condom" but it's in spanish, but it's funny anyways and yours isn't

It is gay as hell.

U should just kill ur self then make another vidoe for newgrounds ever again. Who ever is puting these stupid videos and games should diffently quit there job.


it was ok, but i did'nt find it particulary funny. to me its just a 5 because it did'nt really appeal to me, altho it was a good job.

Are we watching South Park?

Nothing original, and lame humor and we have seen this setup ooohh... so meny times befor. I half expected that condom to start riping off Mr. Hanky the Chrismas Poos songs!!!!

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3.46 / 5.00

May 4, 2005
8:26 PM EDT
Comedy - Original