Public Service Condom

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THIS CARTOON DOES NOT PROMOTE ABSTINENCE! It promotes sending the human race into another dimension to be slaves for a condom-monster!
To those that liked it: Thanks!
To those that hate it: Your cutting barbs have made my balls contract ever so slightly! I hope you're happy now!


Pretty funny

I could tell that this did not promote abstinence, as there were a lot of ridiculous elements to it. I will say that this was one of your lesser entries, due to the animation. I look forward to seeing the exagerrated facial movements in your stuff, but this did not have any of that. Still, talking condoms are always funny, especially with his voice. It was also nice to see the STD names just flying on to the screen. Next time, I do recommend you have better animation and more action, although that is probably not what you were aiming for anyway.

Great flash

Great work, i like when he gets all evil and red eyes. Keep it up!


Sorry to disapoint you latex visitor from the stars but I wont be one of you "un procreating slaves"
Baby si-eeed!
I loved it!

The Olsen twins are to blame~!

Heheh. The crazed psycho condom lecturing us on abstinence!

Great animation. Clever commentary. You should use this in high school across the globe. :P You've touched on all 6 Newgrounds bases. Good job!


No offense to the animation (i thought it was great) but that was a dumb condom.... Crabs won't kill you.....

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May 4, 2005
8:26 PM EDT
Comedy - Original