Flash Strike! (V1.3)

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Update* WOW front page :D thanx to all the NG staff, voters and reviewers who liked my work. Can't believe the interest, nearly 200k now! This game was my first and made in under a week,hence the animation! given the interest i think it is worth developing further. Tom


you're a genius.

well, first off this is the best counter strike game i've ever played, and i've loved playing every version you've sent out. now, i dont think you've exactly PERFECTED it, as nothing is perfect.
you could always introduce shorter levels with money bonuses at the end, depending on your score in that lil level. - you would need money to buy guns and ammo.
overall, the Deagle is always fun to use, but with the harder enemies its a bit tough now. the M16 (or M4) is my personal favourite, and i got one of those multikill thingos! it was great! haha. the sniper is very hard to use in my opinion so im glad you introduced the one shot kill rule for it.
overall, an extremely fun game to play, well done!
(THE THUMB: UP!!!!!)

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a samll bug:
Something is with the snighper wrong.
Then a small Bug with the Bullets by the machinegun.
Fix it quick.



This game gets better every time I play it again. Good Job! However, I noticed a bug. When you have few bullets left, like 2 and you have like 3 in stock, when you reload you get -2 at you stock. Same goes for the other weapon. Maybe you should fix that.
Still, this can become a great shooter. Try to add a story too. That could really give you the feeling you are shooting for something.

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It was pretty good the people who are saying nice graphcis though... he just took screenshots from the game... but ne ways... i definetly liked the SINPER exspecially how you spelt it.

Let's here for another kick-ass game.

Headshots are fun. Killing terrorists is fun. This game ultimate fun.

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3.72 / 5.00

May 4, 2005
2:42 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person