Bong Mad

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No seriously you can play at home, Just keep inhaling and inhaling and when you think you cant keep in haling and your lungs are o fire and your about to burst inhale somemore. This is one of my earlier games and I did a lot of drugs to come upi with it so be kind or not in fact shove your opinion up your donkey hole.


I got up to round 9. His eyes looked fuckin' hilarious. Thanks for this game bro! You really did good :)

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i got bored

i got up to round 3 till i got bored ill play later

Very educational!

Too often to I see rookies running around sucking back air and smoke as hard and fast as they can. They need to learn how it's really done and this is just the thing to teach them.

The trick is to hit it nice and slow. Get a good, even pace going. Pretend the bong is a woman, and by inhaling, you're making sweet, passionate love to her.

I love that slow, trippy bass music too, and that glorious sound of bubbling alone deserves a 10 for sound. Great work!

it maeks me want weed

i think that says it all gr8 now i realllllly need some!! oh well on;y one way to stop a craving excuse me whille i go see my firends bro!! and oh yeah gr8 game make jmore so i hav reasons to get pot!

Dude i smoke 3 time a day this game is great

Make another one and make like u start with a joint then witht he points be able to buy water bongs, hooka, pipes, papers , blunts, and better weed so it gets hard to inhale and stuff like that.

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2.26 / 5.00

May 4, 2005
10:28 AM EDT
Skill - Other