A Seriously Broken Leg

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SMP Films has been known to be really Simple Minded (watch our videos) but we all pay the price. Accidents happen, be careful. www.smpfilms.com

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just seeing this was damaging to the soul, hope that eventually did get better.

good god

Even Jesus said OW!! watching this. I'm not offending you Jesus we still tight?


Now we all know that hurt the guy but why didn't anyone call his dad or 911.Really I know they play dumb but really you guys aren't that dumb.They were probably shocked from the outcome.No hate intended.


omg! that must of hurt. ive seen worse but that looks painful.


for urumeshi no offense but he has 1000's of videos... on his youtube channel and u said people watch sacrred to laugh? well guess what... im sorry for the fans of mr.safty *why am i saying this im a fan too...* he made a a scarred parody of a guy who almost died... i canot tell you the link because ill get baned from NG go on youtube search scarred parody then look for one from the user smp films, srry but the evidence is right there... but anyways im not a mr. safty hater mr. safty is my fav! :D he can be hit in the noggin sometimes... but thats because he doesnt think, after he watchs vids like theses and gets scared to hell then hes no so mr. silly anymore, hey wait a secound, isnt your name MR.SAFETY? if it is then whyed you let something so stupid happen right in front of you? you know what could happen... and you saw it happen, also it you and youre friends made the victem sadley more in pain, you guys had to pick up the leg and film it to show everyone hes a dare devil... you know i think it wouldeve been better if you left him not in over kill pain... i think you should think before you do something because most of the things you normally do are dangerouse, do them all at one time then you'll be DEAD, it took me awhile to type this all and think about it, i hope you read this... anyways lets turn on the bright side im your fan but i don't want to be a fan of a none thinker so the moral of my statement is that you should be carefull of what is happening around you... you are a full grown man and im a 12 year old telling you to smarten up! don't you think thats strange for this to happen? i think it would make sense if you told me that and i was the one smartening up, when i grow up i wana be just like you, but not the really the way you are now i know your silly and acting stupid to entertain but just saying be carefull out there you don't know when something will happen in the future... good luck! say hi to sparta your wife and everyone there im glad your growing and being a better actor etc... but remember my words... when you don't know what will happen in the future so before you do something rethink... *if you say you have ADHD thats why your acting like that sometimes... will i swaer on my soul i have ADHD too so thats not an opinoin for your sillyness :3 [message me back!] good luck smarten up!

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3.21 / 5.00

May 4, 2005
12:33 AM EDT
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