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Lightsaber Tutorial Pro

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May 2, 2005 | 8:55 PM EDT

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Author Comments

This step by step tutorial will show you how to make a Star Wars lightsaber. I have seen that lightsabers are a very popular symbol in Flash movies and decided to make this tutorial so that even knew people to flash can make a good movie.

If you have any suggestions or problems please leave a comment. Thanks for the support!



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Thanks =D

how did you make the lightsaber get out and in?


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I guess it works...

But to make them look better: Go to Insert>new symbol>movieclip. Make a white rectangle with smoothed corners and no pencil outline. Then exit the movieclip and go to filters (next to properties) and press the +. Choose 'glow' and fiddle around with the colours and strength etc. until you are happy.


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how do you get the lightsaber in a recored clip (i know first u have to import the clip first plz answear)


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Now I know how to make a lightsaber in flash!


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Errrr good for newbies but listen to this way...

Ok do the first several steps like you showed but then after you "square" the lightsaber bottom I have my own nice steps. Note: if the part where you turn the inside of the saber white is before this dont do that...bad dog!

Ok step 1: Right click it, convert it to a symbol (a movie clip one.)

Step 2: Go to the bottom and click on the filters tab.

Step 3: click the + sign then blur

Step 4: Change where it says 5 (etheir one) to 10 (they will change the other ones)

Step 5: At the bottom change quality to high

Step 6: Click the + sign again and go to glow

Step 7: Do what we did in steps 4 and 5

Step 8: Change where it says color to the exact color you are using for the object (a nice way to do this is to use the eyedropper on the object and click on the color next to the paint bucket tool and look for the html coding for that color)

anyway Step 8: Click inner glow

and now you have a much more kicking ass lightsaber with only slightly more work and no pictures for me to show you LOL. However, really it looks much better. For newbies though lets not make this complicated :P