the Animator and the Seat

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*NOTICE* There is no preloader, cause I'm still learning Flash MX, and I'm quite low on time. Sorry!

Hey all! Sorry, again, that this isn't MM 2. It's the last week of school for me, and this is one of my last projects. It is an animatic, so it is not fully animated, but thanks to my excellent composer, David Mieloch, it holds its own as a short film. Please don't vote on quality of animation -- it's actually not supposed to have as much as it does. Crank the speakers, but not too much. ;) For those of you wondering about the randomly animated scene, it is because I was allowed to do it for another class, combining two assignments into one piece. I hope you enjoy!


You should have said...

...lifting weights with my dick--that one always sends the lady's heart a flutter. Nice movie. The graphics were awesome and the sound was crystal clear, but he had a sexual relationship with his chair? I didn't quite get that. I expected maybe a cartoon to come out of the screen and go all sex gimp on him, but not the chair. Mayne you should have established the amorous relationship the guy had with his chair a bit better. Perhaps the heat of his wide ass is what keeps the chair company at night or something. Nice movie, jealous chair = wft?


Like..XD..Okay, I watched this over and over and over again, laughing my ass off. XD It makes me wonder why my chair doesn't do that. ;_; I WANNA BE LOVED BY MY CHAIR! My chair makes my ass hurt. xD ANyway. You're lucky for a chair like that! XD *Spazzes* >_> Anyway. Nice..Very funny. *goes to watch it again.*


you have either past experience of this happening(and that would be very scary)
or you have a very imaginitive mind to come up with something like that.

If this is u just starting out...

i hav worked on flash for so long guy!!! and im not this good...so if ur just starting out.....KICKASS!!


The music was kinda creepy, but it does alright for itself.

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3.99 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2005
10:14 PM EDT
Comedy - Original