the Animator and the Seat

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*NOTICE* There is no preloader, cause I'm still learning Flash MX, and I'm quite low on time. Sorry!

Hey all! Sorry, again, that this isn't MM 2. It's the last week of school for me, and this is one of my last projects. It is an animatic, so it is not fully animated, but thanks to my excellent composer, David Mieloch, it holds its own as a short film. Please don't vote on quality of animation -- it's actually not supposed to have as much as it does. Crank the speakers, but not too much. ;) For those of you wondering about the randomly animated scene, it is because I was allowed to do it for another class, combining two assignments into one piece. I hope you enjoy!

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Wow, I was quite impressed by this! I had no idea that's what was going to happen. I am certainly glad something like that DID happen. I do think it was a little too short. I still love it. The animation with the chair coming to life is wonderfully done.

It really is a nice piece of satire when you really think about it. The voice is quite suiting too. I taught the girl was that hot anyway. The music and sounds are so well done as well. You really made something original and meaningful.

is it really good xD

Really good drawing and animation =]]]
first i saw a moving chair is pretty cool and i don't know about what happen the end. and the end is really funny, rofl =]]
5/5 10/10


Nice I think this represents a lot of people in one way or another, great drawing style, the character has a lot of character to him, the grey tone color of this one really works for this piece because it;s reminescent of traditional animation. Keep up the good work, I know you haven't put animations up here for a LONG time, but if you ever get the chance to start up again, PM me to let me know.


FEAR THE CHAIRS now i know and knowing is half the battle and the other half is avoiding chairs lol nice animation


great animation man, and the way the chair was stroking him at the end was seriously creepy. btw, when is MM2 going to come out?

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Apr 30, 2005
10:14 PM EDT
Comedy - Original