ASCII Heroes

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My first attempt at a platformer


Holy Crap... You got me..

When I first started I was like "well just another crappy platform game.. but this pwnz mate... Keep up the great work!!


Great job Chris. Im not a fan of the music, though it does seem to fit. The floaty thing a few people have said is also a bit of a problem. Its nothing really bad, just makes it very easy (I just held space and the right arrow key to get through the first portion of the game).

Anyway, very impressive and I hope to see more content like this.

-- Soylent Green

Praise for ASCII Hero

"ENTHRALLING!" says Pc Gamer
"If this was an XBOX game i would be amazed for hours at a time!" says Xplay

"My vote doesn't count because nobody cares.." says.....someone...

yah i loved it! 5 material

it was nice

nice, cute almost. But really slow. And I dont know if it's just my computer, but suddenly it got really laggy after my 5th or so retry. Prolly just ZoneAlarm being a bitch

Anyways, the movement in general was too slow. Jumping was far too slow for my taste, as well as walking. The walking movie clip looks really awkward too. And why are there no arms? Are you supposed to be an amputee hero? If you made legs, then making arms shouldn't be any different...

Chris responds:

its a game why have reality, screw having arms =P =D


First of all, let me say that this was very impressive! It must have taken quite a while to do that! The creativity and effort alone would make me vote for protection, but it wasn't JUST creative and worked on a lot: it was fun! A little slow and calm at first, but it got better and harder as you went along. Very interesting, and fun, game! 5/5 ^_^

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Chris responds:

Thank you

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3.27 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2005
4:15 PM EDT
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