ASCII Heroes

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My first attempt at a platformer


Jump higher!

On the level 2 levels after the big green guy, I can't figure it out. It can't jump high enough in order to reach the moving platform.
If I could reach it I could probably get to the next level but I can't. If there is not another way, please fix it. lol. If there is, tell me.
Ps. the platforms are just like the plat forms in mario starcatcher
by Laurenx. They move while you have to keep up with it. Not good.

Chris responds:

i had a look at it. its possible to jump that high *I did during testing* but it is pretty hard. i made it easier to jump that high you should be able to do it now ;)


Three words: Green Stick Boss. Ten attempts is more than enough.
It's a common notion within game making that the game should be so difficult that the maker of the game should barely be able to pass it with luck and split-second timing. For after all, isn't the difficulty all that it's about? Aren't games meant to be challenging?

No, actually, games entertain most if they flow like a movie, only with moderate to somewhat difficult challenges throughout. I don't know the mechanics of this game, I have no idea if trying to run under the stick boss was the right thing, but even if it was, but expending ten futile attempts at what may or may not be the right way is not entertaining. If the average first-time player takes more than six attempts to pass something, it's too difficult.

Oh, this was a bit harsh, but yeah.. slow him down a bit =P

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Chris responds:

i made him easier


You have to run under him ;)

*Spoilers end*


even after you beat the first boss soemtimes it puts you back at the start. i lost a few times to the giant stick figure boss which is near impossible, and then it puts me back at the start. id hate for that to happen after i beat that rediculous boss, you need to fix that and slow that damn boss down a notch.otherwise this is a decent attempt.

Very impressive!

Dude I can totally see how much effort you put into that, its really good! I can't beat that first boss though! *grr* Only one suggestion, give the little dude a full sick gun! =D That would be cool, well done though!

Original and Challenging

It was original and challenging which makes it good. But... it lagged a lot.
It was interesting that it was made by ASCII but I didn't think it was that great. The music was really annoying.

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3.27 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2005
4:15 PM EDT
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