Rumble ball field 1

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Upd:Thank you very much! I will work more with this game. I see that it need more stuff. Please write about what it can be in comments. I'll add it to the new fields.
Upd: I don't know why world high scores not works to me on newgrounds...It's works even from local.
Hello again from russia. Here is my new game. The game is for get better score. I'm sure this game have future development. Game is with home(cookies) and world high scores. When you start it again your scores saved.
Upd: You say more levels? Yes!!! I'll make more fields with different high scores(this is 1 field). If you have idea of some stuff write in comments. I'll put it to the next fields. This game is good type of arkanoind and pool like games. It can have clones and development.


Very fun

This game is pretty addictive because it gives you a lot of freedom to go around and do whatever you want. There are so many combinations and so many ways to beat it. I love the goofy little technologic sounds it makes whenever you launch the ball or hit anything. It is strange how this is considered a puzzle game, but then again, I can not really think of any other category it would go under. The graphics are really impressive and just look so lush. I also like goofy the appearance of the whole game is.

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Very nice

Very, very nice. I enjoyed the concept; it's a lovely little time-killer, and I particularly liked that you didn't feel the need to introduce the kind of crap that game designers all too often seem to be unable not to, such as time limits, lives you lose when you miss shots, minimum scores to advance, and so on.

This is a game that everyone can play at their own pace, without having to retry every level a dozen times (seriously, who in their right mind would consider that to be FUN?); the only downside is the lack of levels. 5 is just barely enough to get started. Why no 100 instead? For that matter, why not 500? As long as there were some variations in the tiles used, not to mention the collectables etc., the whole thing would be fun for days: simply play for a bit when you feel like it, then stop, come back the next day, play a few more levels, and so on. Bliss.

The lack of music is a minor downside as well, but not a big one, as anyone can just play their favorite music in the background, anyway. That said, I think this game would've benefitted from the right tunes.

Now, off to play the sequels!

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GameBalance responds:

as I said I not sure which direction to put this game in :\


kinda liked it... great sounds though...
i love the sounds when the ball collects the... 'little round thinggy' and hits the blocks... it made quite a music ;p

@ArchMetalKnight, some BGM would be nice.. but i kinda liked it as the way it is..

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Nice but kinda boring. You could also add some BGM.


fun but 2 hard

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3.94 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2005
1:46 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other