Rumble ball field 1

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Upd:Thank you very much! I will work more with this game. I see that it need more stuff. Please write about what it can be in comments. I'll add it to the new fields.
Upd: I don't know why world high scores not works to me on newgrounds...It's works even from local.
Hello again from russia. Here is my new game. The game is for get better score. I'm sure this game have future development. Game is with home(cookies) and world high scores. When you start it again your scores saved.
Upd: You say more levels? Yes!!! I'll make more fields with different high scores(this is 1 field). If you have idea of some stuff write in comments. I'll put it to the next fields. This game is good type of arkanoind and pool like games. It can have clones and development.


why don't u...

why don't u make the arrow like those mini golf flash games which u can control the streight (or intensity?) of the stick (or bat? i don't know the word in english xD)
but i liked the game.. good job

GameBalance responds:

Try RMB 3 and 4

the best thing i played all day

i just got of my gamecube an im not going back on until i beat my own hi score of 14560, this game is that good but honestly it i missing more detail if i get whatit is missing don't worry ill let you know :^P

GameBalance responds:

e-mail me about. OK?


I've play that Robot Attack game and this and your ALREADY on my favourite artist (or whatever the hell that is) list! Really good games, makes me wanna stop looking for my SNES and play your games.

GameBalance responds:

I like SNES and NES too.

Better Then The 2nd I Think..

While the newly submitted version of this game might have some new features I think I prefer this one. In the new one you need to control your speed, and once you hit the ball you'd have to wait until a meter empties to do it again. With this one you can hit the ball whenever you want, giving it a bit of a faster pace which I tend to like. The game looks as good as the new one and just as stylish. The downside is only five levels. Oh well.

GameBalance responds:

Yeah. Maybe.
There was some things that I can't do in RMB3. Like faster speed of the ball.
Oh, well. I try to make something intresting for myself. I still want to improve some thing. The difficulty of the game(RMB3) is insane. I can make good one with responce help.


realy nice relaxing game
I love it

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3.94 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2005
1:46 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other