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HL2: 50 Seconds of Pain

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Good ol' quality pain, and 50 seconds of it to!

Note: Be sure to check out the rest of the movies I've made like these! To find them, just simply go to the list you find on the left, and look for any movie with the HL2: prefix, enjoy!



LOLZ Itz amazing and it deserves a lot more attention and Fuck the guy belows comment just ignore the asshole he has no sense of humor this is fucking brilliant 10/fucking10 man

um ok

thats not hl2 its garrysmod and newgrounds is for flash films
try harder next time


i loved it so much and it was really funny. i also have HL2 but is there really a McDonalds in the game somewhere? also, the guy u call "Ryu" is one of the guys at POINT INSERTION when u get the hazard suit and this chicks dad in BLACK MESA EAST. so, hes a good guy... the villain should be one of these cop guys that scurry around the city.
as some1 sez ur hl mod skills own!!!! KEEP IT UP

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wow, that was kewl

all i can figure is that looked kewl. i liked it. and fun choice in music.

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Gary's Mod?

I've always wanted to try gary's mod out, I just don't have the time. It looks amazingly fun though. I liked how you made the Dr. in the white room on the couch it was pretty funny.

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3.01 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2005
12:13 PM EDT
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