El Spork de Oro

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In this movie, we join Boris, Bob, and SeƱor T on an adventure like no other. Bob is captured, but his beat droppin' comrade won't let that kind of stuff go on for long. He'll bust all kinds of rhymes all before taking a shower. Although this epic movie was rushed, the animation and sound quality is still vastly superior to many of the movies on newgrounds today. Please watch, enjoy, and bring your bathing suits!



i don't mean to complain but some of the spanish was off (Such As You put "comer" when it is actually "Como" when someone is talking about themselves) but other than that Great Job Everything is good when it has Mr. T In it.

HyperactiveYouth responds:

Sam used to live in Mexico. I'm putting my money on you are wrong. Yeah.....Thanks for the positive review though.

El Yo Senior that was el Bombo!!!

I didn't understand it at all, yet it was the best!!!


Bryan I you were going to make highschool hijinks not Elspork de oro or was this sams idea

HyperactiveYouth responds:

Ahhhhh! You A) Know my name and B) Spelled it correctly! Crazy.

Anyways, this was for my Spanish Class. I just felt like submitting it, because I was bored.

submit your best

if this is a rushed assignment for spanish class, dont submit it! you guys deserve to keep up your good name. you could at least have put subtitles. non-spanish speakers didnt understand this.

what the hell

You usally make good submissions but that was a real let down. Are you going to work on sonic uncut 4.

HyperactiveYouth responds:

It was made in like two days for a spanish class. And yes, I am making an SU4. If you want any information on that, you can probably find some info in the topic on my forums that's like twenty pages long.

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3.01 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2005
1:04 AM EDT
Comedy - Original