Counterstrike shooter

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Note* Please view my latest submission of this work.

This is my first experience using flash for games. I'm hooked! Please contact me with suggestions or bugs. Don't waste a single bullet to recieve monster kill bonuses. Next version to include more levels and more hit zones. The Score table is working it seems sometimes it will not show your high score till next time you look at it. Thanx Tom



That was good shoot em up fun, but now you need to take that next step. Try print screening the animation of, say, the desert Eagle firing, frame by frame (just keep hitting Print Screen over and over until the animation is done). You can also use the same method for running characters and really anything else. Great job though, and I hope to see more from you.

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not bad...

Promising little shooting gallary, but I don't really like it when people use other franchises to sell their programmed games, it just seems like you're relying on that games history rather then you own skill. In terms of game quality, this was pretty repetitivie but the sniper scope was a nice touch. You should have used different text for the health because you can bearely see it, and I found if I spammed the fire, my bullets went into minus numbers! WTF... o_O

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Pretty Nice

I like the game. You definitely did some good work with this. I might offer some suggestions for a sequel.

- Headshot bonus
- Multiple Weapons
- Clearer on the HP. You just lose some lives but have little visibile sign of taking damage or getting killed

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well good mate, keep up the good work.

nice game.cant wait fo the update

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Wow this game is sweet. It's probably the best CS game besides the actual thing.

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3.25 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2005
11:33 PM EDT
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