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Escape to Snow Path II

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wwtf g


Great, this is a masterpiece!!!

When is Part 3 coming out?


Very nice.

That was Cool!!!

That was some really great work you did. Really loved the music you picked for the flash. Really hope to see the next soon. Best of luck in the future.

Best Sprite Movie Ever

You know, this movie is so good, it makes Randy Solem's ROTMK 4 look like 1/3 shit. That music at the end, best music I ever heard. That was even better than the Hyperblast Remix music on Counter Strike's pinnacle movie DE_Aztec. The action, was cool, and you added the bone in that guard's neck when Chrono sliced his head off. That pig's scream when he transforms, is a hell of a lot better than when you hear those rabid yoshis let out their roars. I mean truly, if I ever live up to be a great flash artist, that scream you put in would definitely be in one of my movies. But, I never made flash movies. The few words to describe this flash are 'best serious flash movie on Newgrounds.' I can tell you worked hard. Just dont listen to those dirtbags who rate very good movies low, their life is screaming at nonsense while playing computer games. The ' I Hate Yuo Myg0t' movie makes an example of such people. Now, your next movie, dont forget to add more fighting, and some music to fit the fighting themes. Oh and by the way, be careful on how much you zoom in on sprites.


/Aww he treasures and loves his mum? How sweet... The cat jumped on her head. Heh. Nice use of the Jenova music. His mum saved him from the giant imp? Kick-ass! Jenova fightning music... Sweet... Crono's Lightning, btw. *bop* Why wasn't the shmexy Magus in it? PIG?! PIG?!?!?!?!?! WFT?!?!?! He's Masa.... And why was that wizard dude sat on Azala's chair... In the Sun Shrine, no less. And they're not normal portals, they're time warps. Masa should merge with Mune and become Masa & Mune like in the game... Btw, Masa & Mune, japanese names, japense pronounciation. Mah-sah and Noo-neh. Btw, why'd he screech like Lavos? Lavos sucked... He survived somehow. I forgot... Combined with Schala too. Schala <33333 On the next one have Masa come back with his brother, Mune. But in their kiddie forms. Make them become Lavos for the hell of it and then have Magus and Schala come and beat him up. THEN have Lavos fuse with Schala and become the Lavos from Chrono Cross. Magus will be like "What zee sheet?" and turn into Guile from CC and use the Chrono Cross on Schala and Lavos blah blah Schala's gone -=shock, horror, drama=- but Lavos is goody guy, turn into Glenn, aka Frog... Blah.

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4.03 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2005
11:14 AM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place April 30, 2005