Escape to Snow Path II

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wwtf g


The best pixelated, moving thing. Yeah.

This was by no small amount the best sprite movie I've seen yet! I simply loved your blurry-falldown effect in the beginning, it actually made it seem less like a pixelated sprite and more of a, moving, thing. Yeah. I do have a little bit of a problem with you having Chrono talk, and with Duran doing Chrono's signature vanish-slash (he does it in every flash movie, even though it never came up in video games), and how much that tiny critter reminds me of DBZ (small magical kung-fu master thinks trippling his size will make him stronger?) But lemmy just say, it may have been an un-planned ending but you ended it masterfully! If I hadn't read your comments I wouldn't have even known it was incomplete (save for the chapter line at the top being only half full) I love your visual effects, all of 'em, nice job on sound effects (I recognized almost every one of them lol) and great job on sneaking a little funny in there too, lol Chrono's daydream sequence... You deserved better then "Daily 2nd" in my book.

Blordow responds:

Thanks for the review, I wish I would of got 1st. And look at the score: 3.78, that's really bad in my view :(

anyway thanks!

Very good...

great storyline .it was like seeing a movie but maybe u shud make the
more fighting scens. I liked this very much!!!

very awesome ^^

I enjoyed it! the best part about it was that you moved each part of their bodies, not just they're whole body for everything...good job!


Once of the best sprite animations I've seen in a while.

One of your better flashes, Blordow.

Certainly one of your better flashes; best storyline, sound..

But then you put it in Chrono Trigger graphics, which means insta-win. You can't go wrong with these forms of pixels, since they're not used near as much as Mario ones. [Then again, you can't go wrong there if it's executed right.]

I'd have to say though that I loved this. Ignore those sods saying "P1x41z r 0v3ruz3d!!!!!111!!one!!!" and keep doing flash movies; heck, ignore the score as well. You've pleased your fans and than some, isn't that what you do this for? ^_^

Cheers, dude, to another great flash parody!

- Chris

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4.03 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2005
11:14 AM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place April 30, 2005