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The Fall of Satan

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Apr 29, 2005 | 1:28 AM EDT

Author Comments

Well the real reason I made this was to contribute to the current subject on my english class in school which was the fall of Satan. But I always worked with stick movies and this is my first drawing movie. Even though it mostly consists of tweens, I still thought it blends with the music nicely. The story is the Kor'an version of the whole fall of Satan story. I watched it on a really good system computer and framerate still falls at couple of parts so it's best if you watch it in low quality. It's 2 minute long anyways. Tell me what you think...



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Hail Satan!!!!


"I believe in God"
by: Chef-Jogger
date: March 31, 2006

I disagree with Necron_lover. God's better than Satan, because God created earth, animals, people (esp. us), everything, and Satan didn't do all that. I really believe that stuff. It says so in the bible and the bible's really truthful. Trust me, it really did happen. It's all true. We wouldn't exist if God didn't create Earth, everyone, and everything. So I mean, I believe in God, and whoever doesn't, then may God have pity on their soul. Seriously. That is why I disagree with those that are with Satan because I'm a Christian. Good job on this one by the way. For some anti-christian that doesn't believe what I said, then God will have to deal with it, because I'm speaking the truth. Really, it WILL happen. Anyway, all my 5's are belong to this

WRONG! Satan is better than god. Satan created everything and he isn't evil, god is evil. And a message to all "loyal to god people" Most wars begins because of you
godloving idiots.

MadMonkee responds:

It wasn't my intention to decide which mythological figure is "better" or worse. I simply wanted to contribute in my school subject in a different manner than just writing an essay. I am sorry that this became a "holy flame war" amongst the commentators. In my honest opinion Satan is a really interesting character quite possibly portrayed after the Norse god Loki.


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Really good job in making it dramatic. It was cool, but sadly a bit on the short side...


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Koran is a disgusting book

This flash is well done but the Koran is a disgusting book. God hasnt forgotten to mention them...they are indeed the people of the lands prophesyed in scripture in the books of the prophets to be destroyed by Yeshua/Jesus in the last days. Yes they are the Beast of Revelation. The time is near...even now they await their mahdi to appear with Jesus to destroy the dajjal after a 7 year peace treaty. On the contrary, we expect the antichrist to appear with the false prophet and attempt to wage war with Yeshua when He returns with us at the end of the tribulation. Study these Islamic characters and know who they are when they appear for they were foretold in our Bible. Study Islam and know it is the fruit of Satan. Holds these words in contempt and show you lack the wisdom and insight to look these things up...NOW YOU KNOW. Koran is Evil...good job on this flash though.

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Excellent translation of the religious texts. The quality is not the best, but excellent for a first timer! I, for one, am looking forward to more of your work!


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Correction to all you Christian Fanatics

Firstly great job on the Animation. Not sure why everyone accuses you of being wrong for Lucifer is the name of the Roman deity/Pagan deity of Light and hope. Not the Damned Angel Satan.
Infact many people believe that satan was always Evil and never good.
In the world there are Luciferians and satanists then there are Devil worshippers.
Luciferians are good natured people who believe in Lucifer not the christian fucked up version, why didn't they just call him devil V 2.0 instead of stealing another demi-god and demonizing him.
The pictures of Satan being a goat legged freak are most likely drawn from the greek god Pan who was being worshipped in eurpoean homes at the birth of Christianity. Take all of his nature and appearance and what do you have a party loving goat man otherwise know'n as Satan.
Satanists Don't worship anything and it's devil worshippers who are normally insane psychopaths who think they see a man following them about saying "kill this and sacrfice that!"
Fact of the matter is this is just a STORY!!!! Get it into your heads instead of making it at flipping debate!

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