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Old Angry Wizard

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Stop the Ring Wraiths from harassing Gandalf and kill (or ignore) the little hobbits that randomly walk past your screen.

This is a mini-game I did for the Games of Gondor competition. I am short on time, but I made it as intresting as I could. Enjoy it! And laugh at Galiant's attempt to sound like a dying old man.


cool one

nice game.


It's... ok, I guess. The little screaming nazgul are funny for a while, then it just gets boring. Sometimes, if you die from from being hit and not from a heart attack, the game just stops you, there's no "play again/main menu" screen that pops up. It happened to me 4/10 times that I tested it.

This was kinda horrible.

I didn't like it because it was an old man running around killing ghost and hobbits trying to catch life pills. I think you should make the pills fall slower. Otherwise it was fairly good.

RrrRridlin is A CruTch... Bad Pill Bad

Funny But so is Bat Guano.

You kidding me?

This game is shitty -.- the game is tottaly stuppid and have no objetive -.-

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3.74 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2005
8:27 AM EDT
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