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Red Earth II

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This game is very processor intensive. If things are lagging, change the quality/detail settings. The controls are a bit different this time around: move with the arrow keys or the asdw keys, and select different weapons by clicking on them in the menu or by hitting 1-4. The rest is just point and click.
-Enjoy ^^/

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this game was more boring than the first!!!

i liked the first but it was qite boring!!


I liked the first one better...

<(^^<) Cool (>^^)>

This game is better than #1, but still not as good as your Kimblis the Blue. I awarded more interactivity coz you can choose your weapon. I award violence for having it in the right place (not hard to get a ten from me for that) and NOT for having a lot of it. The story was good and carried well from the last one. GREAT GAME!


Very fun LOTR-ish tank/robot action game!

That's quite the mouthful. A very interesting genre you've created with Red Earth II! #;-}>

Due to my old CPU, I play in low quality and low detail mode, and while the lack of detail is a little plain and boring (mostly the grey walls, as the red ground isn't so bad... I kinda wish the walls were black or dark grey instead, more similar to their colour in high detail mode).

I played this a week or two ago, and had intended to just do that for a few minutes to check it out and move on. I made a shortcut to review it later with (as I'm doing now), and dove in... much to my surprise, instead of doing what I had planned, I ended up playing all the way through and beating the level all in the same sitting. The four different weapon modes, the steering/propulsion being keyboard-based while the aiming and firing is mouse-based... so many things about the gameplay appealed to me and kept me playing.

Also, of course, the unfolding of the game and the map and the enemies and the tasks to be accomplished pulled me in and kept me "turning pages," as it were. Your game engine is quite excellent, and it was a pleasure to complete the mission you assigned us in the game! Well done!


the game was good but while you were moving (dunno if it just for me) but i couldn't move the mouse. i would have to stay still and shoot

fix that and it would b good