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YAAFM 10: 50 Cent

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Author Comments

Reginold is back! This time he takes aim at 50 Cent. New background, new mouths, new size. Enjoy, and don't forget to listen to ZipperFish Talk Radio every Friday night, LIVE over the internet. Check out ZipperFish.com for more details. **EDIT**:: I do read reviews! Also, there is an ad at the end, but it is NOT for porn! It's for MAGAZINES, and is the best deal I have ever seen! I would not put it up there if I did not believe in the product! If you want me to work for free, you must be a socialist. I suggest you move to Russia. USA! USA! USA!


Mixed opinions

I'm not gonna sit here and say that 50 is a bad person, nor am I going to say that he is AFM.

He's not a good role model to kids, but provides music to the world and that's all he should ever do.

(Sorry if this next bit sounds a bit racy): The problem I had with this was that all over the internet, the majority of people on are white, with a large fraction being grungers, goths and punks. They then slag off rap in their way by calling it all degredation of women, drugs and violence. I've been into rap since I was 7 and am yet to commit a crime.

Also, I'm not sure whether the Walrus was just making it simply for the sake of an episode.

Despite anything I've said, I've given it the proper ratings I would have given it regardless of the content.

better luck next time..

a few good points, nothing more, annoying voices and it really was not worth my times..


I was looking throught the reviews and i found one of Gingerbread_Guy. He summarized it perfectly
"Its just really embarrasing when you get on a guy's case for selling out and churning out crap records when you're churning out crap flash videos in order to push Maxim products. You and 50 cent are one in the same.. only he's a few hundred thousand times as successfull as you are."
Just so you know where im comming from is I never liked 50 cent and i dont listen to hate rap.
Some of your hypocricies:
-You hate a fake sell out, while youre a sellout yourself.
-You oppose 50 degrading women while you degrade women by your jenna jamenson comments.
-Also you criticize 50 for having objectionable content while his target audience is suburban teenagers. However, your thing "youre a fucking moron" is contains the F word in the title. who do you think is your primary audience? maybe you shouldnt put out flashes with offences titles for the cake of the white suburban children?
-the character named "reginold" thought of by a guy with an alias walrus was no right to make fun of another guy named "curtis"

How about that.

I'm sorry but 50 cent is pretty hardcore.
I dont see the creators of this flash getting shot 8 times in the back and once in the face like 50 did.
I dont even really like 50 cent, but I do know if you have enough free time to make something this ridiculous. YAAFM

didnt laugh once.

OMG! state the obvious why dont ya. all dat was sed about 50 cud be sed about any other rapper in the game! these really arent funny so stop making them. all in all total shite!

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Credits & Info

4.03 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2005
1:55 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody