YAAFM 10: 50 Cent

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Reginold is back! This time he takes aim at 50 Cent. New background, new mouths, new size. Enjoy, and don't forget to listen to ZipperFish Talk Radio every Friday night, LIVE over the internet. Check out ZipperFish.com for more details. **EDIT**:: I do read reviews! Also, there is an ad at the end, but it is NOT for porn! It's for MAGAZINES, and is the best deal I have ever seen! I would not put it up there if I did not believe in the product! If you want me to work for free, you must be a socialist. I suggest you move to Russia. USA! USA! USA!


You're awsome!

That was incredibly well done! I mean the animation was really perfect for the surrounding you painted up! I'm not sure what that means so... I'm just gonna wrap this up!

You're fucking great, keep making animations like that!


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You are a ****ing great artist

Indeed you are. You are not only a great artist, but a person with some intelligence, which is rare nowadays. You are not brainwashed into "acceptance" like so many are. Sure, he sings about harsh realities... but the wrong thing isn't about bringing up harsh things, it's about GLORIFYING them. He makes the shoot, drug, slut lifestyle into a role-model life for everyone. If only I were terminally ill, I'd give him some publicity on my way out for sure.

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Very good, I hate rap.

BTW, Metalica is awsome, you should make a TheTruthRocks is A YAAFM. There's nothing wrong with them, look at Kid Rock if you want to hate someone, he uses other ppls crap. Poser!


You know i respect all kinds of music exept metalica (you should make your a fucking metal moron) anyway 50 cent is just portraing his life this is what i would wright if i hadent watched the movie um must say that i dont like the image of 50 cent and the white suburbians morons they go and act like gangsta cuz theyr momy and dady dont let them do anything.

I've agreed with every episode of this series...

And this one is no exception. Especially since I don't like 50 Cent anyway. He really is a fucking moron. And Reginald is fucking BRILLIANT.

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4.03 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2005
1:55 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody