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I wouldn't play this if I were you but Since Im not play it at your leisure. Im sorry this has nothing to do with drugs sex or violence. If you want to change the block count in the options menu cleck on "Blocks". That will make the value stay on the screen long enough to be altered. Ok Im done. Have sex with rabid sexually diseased monkeys and tell me if it feels good.

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this game is BORING. i cant even find the damn mouse sometimes, it blends in with the backround.


This was a cool game, and the interesting music behind it was cool, kinda repetitive though still fun, my only issue was the curser the "BLUE DOT" it was ok but hard to see at times, anyways fun game and entertaining....



not too bad game, rather easy, but it was ok.

Madgineer responds:


Thas All I got. Your right I made this game in like 2 days. So what the fuck do I care. 2 days. i should be a flash King. Cause everybody on sunset knows the size of my unit. G G G G G Uni... Fuck it they suck.

Stop the damn music!

This is very like the board game Othello with power-ups. Didn't enjoy it much at all. The graphics were awful especially the main menu graphics. The game itself was dull. But the award for utterly bad goes to the music in this submission. Please gve us the option to turn it off or at least change it.
Sorry but I have to score this low.

Madgineer responds:

Hey I paid a guy a thousand bucks to have them make the music Damn Him FDamn Him to the hole Ok I dont care Try Bong Mad Its more up your alley or not.

If it weren't for a few things..

I'd play this regularly. The interface controls are difficult to use (and see) on the opening screen. And the music is quickly very irritating.
Other than that, good work.

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2.29 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2005
1:13 PM EDT
Skill - Other