Dr. Shroud: BITB, Part 1

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Based on a true story in the Philadelphia area, this Dr. Shroud story is part 1 of a 3 part series. In this first part, the plot is set up when mysterious things begin with Victor Graves' assistant, Lora Gora, around the anniversary of the dissappearance of the boy scout, Gary Gribber.

this movie 8 minutes long and includes the flashback sequence, "The Mask of Victor Graves", an essential component to the overall series.


I dont know about this..

It just seemed like it dragged on forever...

It was a little too long (and in the black and white scences case, boring) for me.

Good animation though

not bad

It was a little slow for me, but I loved the B&W silent movie scenes. Cool idea.

this episode was o.k.

the other dr. shroud episodes are more interesting, but this wasn't bad i liked it. and am i the only one that thinks shroud looks like gordon freeman from half life?

((( NOTBAD )))

Well notbad this was great, i like DR Shroud stuff, but this was almost like the real thing, the animating was notbad, while im not sure if i seen the others, i probably will now...


Wow, you actually did improve.

This is so much better than your previous two series of Dr. Shroud. Plot is tolerable, it's actually at a good length now... Although your style is still jerky and your sound is still mildly annoying. Not too bad though. In face of the fact that it's actually *interesting* now, I can handle the violence still being mediocre. Over all, you get an 8. Please please please maintain this level of quality in future productions!

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4.04 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2005
12:29 PM EDT