Dr. Shroud: BITB, Part 1

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Based on a true story in the Philadelphia area, this Dr. Shroud story is part 1 of a 3 part series. In this first part, the plot is set up when mysterious things begin with Victor Graves' assistant, Lora Gora, around the anniversary of the dissappearance of the boy scout, Gary Gribber.

this movie 8 minutes long and includes the flashback sequence, "The Mask of Victor Graves", an essential component to the overall series.



OMFG THAT was fucking amazing friggen loved it. best newgrounds movie EVER!!!!


Just one thing last time i remeber vampires don't have reflections and they wouldn't be seen in the picture but its for story purposes so its all good :P

Another Success

I've been watching the Dr. Shroud series for some time, and I have to say they get better with each new installment. The graphics are very well done, and the story lines tend to get very deep... it's amazing. The only thing that I didn't like was the sound used for the walking... it just doesn't seem dramatic enough. Great work!

Vampires and vultures...

This is a good animation. A unique storyline, sets it past, most of the other flash animations. However, the movement seemed constrained and awkward, they probebly were difficult to manuver properly, so I won't hold it against ya.

Another slight oddity, was the vulture. What is a vulture doing in Necropolis, when it should be in the Sahara? It just confuses me thats all.

However, the flash's good features override the minor flaws and shows the vastness of the animators imagination. The graphics are solid, with the artist's style prevalant in it. It was gory, and unintentionly funny.

The reason why, was because of the sound, despite a looping soundtrack, the bit that made me laugh was when the female vampire got stabbed. The change in tempo, caused it to become surreal, beyond belief, its black humour and silent movie facade merely scratching the surface of the character.

I cannot wait for your next flash...and to see how the plot thickens.

robfeldman responds:

Thanks for the comments. Just to comment on a couple of points you made: the vulture is a turkey vulture, most commonly found here on the East coast. Also, the music was intended to be upbeat---a comical contrast to the situation. Dr. Shroud is full of stuff like that, on purpose. :)

Thanks again.---Rob

" The Boy in the Box - ROCKS ! "

Wow !

This is really great cutting edge art. A unique blend of everything...b&w , color, humor, drama,classic animation, modern animation,storyline,and most of all INTEGRITY !

The " voices" of Shroud this time around were just excellent....really bringing the characters to life....great acting !

Great job on the music as the ol' time" honky-tonk" piano really sounds good against the dark , symphonic score....good stuff !

Looking forward to your next submission .....will these episodes ever be for sale on DVD or anything ???


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Apr 27, 2005
12:29 PM EDT