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Dragon Fist 2

rated 3.85 / 5 stars
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Action - Fighting - VS

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Apr 27, 2005 | 7:59 AM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place April 28, 2005

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Author Comments

This is a game that I made quite a while ago now which has been fairly popular.

It is a beat em up, with a variety of weapons and characters. Each character has their own special move. It is quite difficult, so I am expecting a lot of complaints about that.

If it runs slowly, click 'Quality' to reduce the quality and therefore speed it up. You can also switch of the blood and shaking in the options menu.



Rated 5 / 5 stars


great a good move would be ''flare dragon fist'' and then gint dragons come around his fist and breath fire overall great game keep up the good work!=)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

dug the character stories and shotgun hahaha

Ok, finally a fighting game that isnt a mash fest. Seems that 99% of flash fighting games are made by people who know nothing about fighting games beyond "differnet buttons do different attacks and two guys hit each other". To me, a fighting game is kind of like real time chess, there is alot of predicting and alot of strategy involved, you can't get too wreckless or too defense.

Anyway, I what Im saying is, YOU GOT THE RIGHT IDEA. Its depressing that it took so long for somebody to make a game like this. You know what you did right and you seem to be keeping up with it so Ill just skip ahead to the criticism:

-The damage is too small, all it does is make the rounds unnecessarily long and it becomes repetative quickly. Either add more combinations to vary it up a bit or the char hp should be lower in general.

-Hit boxes need tweaking. I know you hate hearing this because I you as any sane flash programmer will say "well, flash isnt that good, i cant do anything about that", but I think you can, Im a flash programmer and all you really need is creativity and lots of time to test it to make it run smooth.

One of the main strategies I would use is have a damage box for every body part as opposed to just the whole big movie clip. I dont remember exactly what causes flash to misread hittests in this kind of game, but I know its there and can be fixed, it mUST BE FIXED IF FLASH FIGHTING GAMES ARE TO HAVE A FUTURE!

-Aside from hitboxes, push back is very annoying, when you block a hit it seems to push you just out of the way of an attack requiring you to walk forward before countering. This would be fine if it wasnt for the slow speed of the walking animation and attack start up delay makes countering almost impossible. Add walk cancelling or atleast allow people to just tap the move button to walk slightly forward and me love you long time.

-I applaud the style and theme of the game as well as the way the system is set up, but I abhor the repetition. You really could add some more moves and tricks to use.

Overall, thank you for setting the record straight and atleast giving people an idea of what fighting games/marital arts simulators are all about. But you shouldnt be afraid to sacrifice realism for the sake of intuitivety. I dont want to struggle trying to get the guy to do what I want him to, I want to play and use my head and I want the guy to respond to what my brain is thinking. And be confortable in the process.

Kudos and good luck on future projects!

ps. add a static opponent in training mode, I want a way to test out combos and ways to exploit the engine :p

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DJStatika responds:

Thanks for some good feedback there. I am gonna relpy to each point..

Its true that the damage can be too small, a lot of this is because the computer blocks a lot more than they originally did, this is so that you can just win by constantly attacking with the spear of something. I agree though and this is gonna be better in DF3.

The hit boxes. It already uses a more complex system than just hitTest but I agree it needs to be improved and its has been in the forthcoming df3. But it is still not perfect, but I dont think it needs to be.

In DF3 the push back system has been redone and if you block you dont get pushed back.

In DF3 there are 14 different fighting styles and different characters have slightly different personalities which makes it less predictable

In DF3 i think that I have managed to make it more realistic while also making it more flowing and more frantic.

I like the idea for training mode and will put it in!

If you wanna discuss the game more please come and join my community at and if you want more info about df3 check out my info page at:

Thanks again, its nice to have someone appreciate the game for what its supposed to be rather than just complaining that its too hard because they have only played it once!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

needs to be smaller

it was a great game but the window needs to be smaller because it couldent fit the whole thing on my screen and next time use a control choice feature where you can pick what buttons you use like for movement wasd,arrow keys,num pad would rock and attack keys should be whatever they want unless they wasd and want a as one of their attack keys anyway it was an awe inspiring game in the good way


Rated 5 / 5 stars


great game make another with new characters and wepons special attacks this game is legendery u rule.

DJStatika responds:

Thanks. Have a look at for some info about the forthcoming Dragon Fist 3: Age of the Warrior


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I like the combos.

I like the combos.